Work flow:


When a user first logs into Mountain Meadow they see the Memos page. Here they can write memos to themselves or to others to remember patient interventions that are important not to miss. For example, a nurse may want a reminder to call a patient in for their third Hepatitis B vaccine in 6 months in case the patient doesn't remember to come in. Or, a physician may want to remind themselves to review an x-ray result lest it slip by undone or un-noticed.


Memos show up on the user's list on the day they are due. Their color becomes red if not attended to after a week, at which point they are visible to other users as well. Memos disappear after someone resolves them. However, they are still retrievable by searching for text in them. That way, they can provide documentation that the user called to remind the patient, or whatever intervention they did.